Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's Cookin?

 Today was a fun and busy day. I must say I enjoyed it so much. Being at home and not really having to be anywhere was really nice. I woke before 5 and did a distant Reiki session. Then I got ready for the day.
I worked in the garden and look what I pulled out! They are so chubby
What do you do when you A LOT of broccoli? Well of course you make cheese and broccoli soup. It is so yummy. I also made a broccoli salad that I didn't take a picture of.
I swear Coco (our oldest) and I are on the same wave length in our thinking. She and I had been reading the blog Money Saving Mom. She has a fill your freezer in a month cooking segments going and I was thinking that was something I should do. I use to do a lot of freezer meals. Funny thing is Coco was thinking the same thing. So today I got started on it. I made Freezer Waffles. Hoping this will get kiddos to eat breakfast instead of skipping it.
This is the waffles in my maker.
Waffles on the cooling wrap
I used wax paper and have two waffles per piece to keep them from freezing together.
This is all the waffles I made today. I then placed them in a Rubbermaid container that is almost like a basket (Sorry no picture of it) and placed it in the freezer.

And another satisfied kiddo. Faith came home from her first baby-siting job and said the waffles smelled so yummy. So I let her have one before she left for her second job. 
I then decided to make homemade yogurt. With trying to eat healthy and avoiding the additives I thought this would be a great thing that we all love to eat. So this is the yogurt in the making process in the crock-pot
The crock -pot is hiding under the towel. It must be shy! Actually you are suppose to keep it well insulated for 8 hours so this is where it will sit till tomorrow morning. I haven't made yogurt in over 2 years it is great to get back to the basics of yumminess. 
And that is what I got cooked up for today. I am working on this weeks menu and will be doing some more cooking this week to put in the freezer. 
Now I am off to get dinner ready for tonight. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

You were very busy today, my goodness! The waffles look oh so yummy.

Bekki said...

Can I have that blog address?? :)