Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Declutter

Minimalism has been on my mind a lot lately. Not only because I talk with Coco about it , not because I read about it, but because I am seeing a difference in not having some of the clutter that I did 3 weeks ago. 
Now my garage looks like I am the biggest hoarder in the world. (I will post a picture before I start donating things just for you). 
I have so far 6 fruit boxes full of books that I am taking to Half Price Books to sell and many more on the way. 
I have been busy with work and life in general but this has been the main thing that is on my mind. 
Not only am I thinking of physical clutter but also mental clutter and my bodies physical clutter.
So after this thought what do you think it is time to do but DE-CLUTTER and minimize what I can do when I can do it !  

Boring food containers
Well there is a closet that is under our stairs that Kyle first claimed to be his room when he saw our house for the first time because it reminded him of Harry Potter.
Before we moved in Alan had shelves put in to each of the closets for me for extra storage. I love our house but never has had enough storage until this amazing minimizing. I truly think that sometime in the near future there will be more than enough storage space in our beautiful home.
Boring food containers NO MORE!
Avery company has labels in all shapes and sized you can print on your computer.
 I just love these. Sorry the picture is so dark. But you can see the labels have made it easy to spot what I want in the closet.

 A little pretty touch for the laundry room
 Pretty laundry soap container . Much prettier than that ugly bucket you see to the left of it.
Makes me smile when I see it.
When I started labeling things this past week my kiddos were getting a little concerned that I was going to start labeling them. 
 After a lot of discussions with Coco and reading on blogs of all the different additives in food to give it a longer shelf life. It has really started to gross me out. Plus with trying to clear out the physical body clutter I don't want all this garbage going into my body or my families.
I am steering towards a whole foods eating way.
After a couple days of working on clearing out the 4 closets that were used as pantries this is what I have so far.
Picture #1
Closer view of picture #1
Picture #3
All of this is stored in Dallas's old room for right now. 
I was going to donate this to our church but when I told Dallas and Sara about it they said they would take it all. Being newlyweds with tight finances I can understand this. So glad it will go to a home that needs it. 
Someday I will get them on the healthier band wagon too. But for now I need to work on those that live in the same house as me. 
This is the closet under the stairs. Still has some work to be done but this is a slow process at times.
As you will notice I do have a good bit of food storage. I have been the canning specialist in the past 4 words I have lived in so I try to practice what I preach. he he  
 Pantry in the kitchen. True not all the canned items are gone. As I said this is a very slow process I need to ease the family into.
 Hallway closet. 
 Another dark picture (sorry) this is the closet in Dallas's room The hanging area is in front of all these cans.
This is more of our food storage. I am done clearing this area I just need to dust up a little bit more. 
 This is the top part to the above mentioned closet. These are our sleeping bags and Dallas's emergency back pack. I haven't gone through these yet but it is certainly on my list.
I don't like the sleeping bags out with the rest of the camping items due to spider or bug factor. Personally it creeps me out! 
So this is where I am at so far. I will try to remember to take pictures are blog a little more frequently to keep you up to date.
 Feels good to get rid of stuff! 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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The Lucas Gang said...

Holy Moly! You are on a roll. That is a lot of food you gave them, I bet they were excited to get allmof that. I am sure it feels good to have so much space in your home now!