Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mormon Prom Invite

One day while E'lyse was at school her guy friend Geordan came over with his Mom and decorated (or should I say made a mess with Sweedish Fish and this sweet poster. 
There was fish EVERYWHERE! It was so fun. 
Geordan had called the night before asking permission from Alan and I to ask her to the LDS or Mormon Prom of course we said yes he is a very nice young man.

This is the poster that was on her bed

This is just a little chunk of the floor that was covered. They were all over her book shelves, in the closet and everywhere they landed. Too fun!! 

So then of course E'lyse had to give her answer. So Monday she went his house.
She made this poster & a giant fish bowl full of what else but gold fishes.
 So there on the yellow fish is her answer to him.
So E'lyse has been looking for a dress to wear and is so excited to go.
There will be pictures to follow of this special occasion.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

Awww how cute.

Good to be a Queen said...

So Sweet!!!!
Can't wait for the pics!