Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday De-Clutter

I like to make lists. Unfortunately I don't always feel like doing what is on them. My list for Saturday was a very detailed list to clean the master bedroom and bathroom along with de-cluttering. I woke up at 5 and got ready for the day. I knew I had to pick up my order from Bountiful Baskets  to get my yummy fruit and veggies for this week. I then worked on putting mulch on my garden. Went for the basket at 7 then back to work around the house some more. Well plans went from the TO DO LIST to what was really bothering me. Guess what ? I forgot to take before pictures of the garage. I spent many hours cleaning the garage. Dallas had brought over 6 Rubbermaid containers full of items to store at our house until he and Sara get their own place. Since I had so many shelves emptied from last weeks haul to donate I put them on the shelves. It looks so much better, although I was enjoying seeing the empty shelves. 
I got rid of 4 large size Rubbermaid totes of craft supplies and material. Felt SOOOOOO good to let go.
In between helping Alan work on his truck . He is under there but you can't see him. I was working the jack and probably annoying him. he he
I started working on the kitchen area a little more. I read an article on the blog Minimalist At Home about clearing the clutter from your counters. This got me motivated to do something about ours. It is no fun to cook if there is no space and you feel crowded. 

Below is the left side counter top Before: 
After.... ahhhhh 
Right side of counter top Before: ( I must say I don't like having appliances on my counters but due to the other things taking up space in the cupboards there was no space for them.)
After: .....ahhhhhhh  I placed the toaster in the cabinet below. It is used maybe once a week and I don't like it being up there so it found a new home. The mixer was put in another cupboard with my baking pans and Bosch mixer. 
Then to start attacking the upper cupboards Before: 
After.......ahhhhhhh Look even an empty 1/2 shelf on top
Spice cupboard before: 
This is the items I had taken out before I remembered to take the picture.
I had so many doubles of spices & herbs that were un-open so I gave those to Dallas & Sara. 
The items on the second shelf are pulled to the front due to I am vertically challenged. This way I can reach them easily.
Even though it started out with things not from my to do list I got a lot accomplished and very happy with the results.  
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

I may not recognize your house next time I come down! hehe

Bobbi Jo said...

I am hoping when you come down again it will feel more at peace for all of us. I am slowly getting it done.