Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Request In Comment Section

 On Saturday May 26Th I posted about the Bountiful Baskets and my sweet friend Megan requested that I post about what I will be using all the veggies and fruit . I will do my best with this.
 I serve at least 2 veggies with dinner, cooked or raw depending on what we are having. Trying to add more colors to get the maximum of all the nutrients into my families diet.
 I have made a huge salad with the lettuce. I chop it, put it in a salad spinner and then add all the goodies to it. I place it in the refrigerator with a moist paper towel and cover with foil. It will last for almost a week this way. If I want it to last longer I would leave out all the added goodies (nuts, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs). Also since this is a darker green leaf lettuce I will also use these in my juice.
 Oranges I like chilled, skin cleaned off and then cut in sections in the fridge for snacks or put on the table for lunches & dinner.
 The cantaloupe cut up and ready to eat. Same with the pineapple.
Pineapple is great in smoothies or use them with Hawaiian Haystacks.
I use at least 2 apples a day in my juice, plus snacking on.
The artichokes will be boiled and eaten with dinner, dipped into some butter with a little garlic. Cooked and put on pizza or added to pasta .
Orange peppers are so yummy to be grilled, chopped and added to omelets, or my favorite is just cut up with a  little salt and dipped into ranch. I have some pre-cut for the week for snacking on. You could also stuff these with a meatloaf filling and cook. Alan doesn't like peppers so I don't make them for us.
 Potatoes will be used for home made fries. 1 potato per person is usually enough. Cut up in to wedges, dredge in oil, placed on a cooking sheet season or salt very well then cook at 450 for about 35 min. or more till done to your liking.
 I cooked up some of the corn for our cook-out on Memorial Day. I will be grilling the rest for dinner this week.
 Tomatoes I LOVE! I enjoy adding these to sandwiches when I have them, slicing them for salad, you can hallow these out saving the insides, make a chicken salad, add the insides to it and stuff the tomatoes with it. YUMMY! I like sliced tomato with a little sea salt and just munch on for a snack.
 I know this is a lot of basic things but I love having the fresh veggies and fruit.
 I have cut WAY back on having pre-made snack garbage in my house with more fruits and veggies. The family is getting use to having to make things to eat instead of just getting something from a box then being hungry 10 to 15 min. later.
 All of these micro nutrients that are in the fruit and veggies are so important.
 I suggest of those who have Netflix watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It is a great documentary. Now I am not a vegan but I am limiting my meat intake upping my veggies and fruit to a good portion of my daily intake.
 If anyone has any question, thoughts or suggestions I would love to hear from you. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Rebecca Camarena said...

I was wondering if you would be interested in having an author at your blog talking about his book. Please feel free to email me,

Rebecca Camarena said...
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Megan said...

I am so hungry for some fruits and veggies now after reading all those great suggestions!
I love hearing what people do with their bountiful baskets (I don't like coming up with my own ideas) so thank you for sharing!