Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Clear It Out

 So I have been gradually working on clearing out my emails. Yes 5 emails! That is FIVE different emails that I was checking almost daily. I narrowed it down to 3 now, personal one, my business one and my Google ON SNAP I just remember one that I never check. Holy cow!! I will get rid of that one too. How embarrassing is that?
 I also have been unsubscribing from site, blogs and other such things that fill up my email to over 200 daily. Now it is much better to go check email and it get's cleaned out quickly. Happy dance over here.
 This morning I thought of an area that I don't look at too often and that is in our T.V. cabinet. There are doors on the bottom half that are closed a majority of the time but I know that even though you can't see it, it is still there taking up energy from our home. So I pulled over a box that I got from the Pet Club that they were happy to let me take and talk to the girls about what games they like & played with.
 This is the cabinet when I first opened the doors 
 And after! Much better. 
I was reading about getting rid of your VHS videos and player but we still use and watch the movies
and I don't have the financing at this time to get the movies on DVD so I am keeping the VHS movies that we love and watch for now. 
 Considering my day was a little busy I was pleased with getting this done. I had a girls camp certification to do with the Beehives and Mimaids in our ward. There was 17 girls and 5 leaders. It was fun, nosy and I am so glad to check that off my list today too! 
On Sunday E'lyse, Faith and Gabby made red velvet cakes from scratch and decorated them. 
I am not sure who's cake is who's I just know that the pictures where on my camera when I loaded this on to my computer tonight. 
They are so pretty! At Fry's they have this amazingly terrible for you great tasting icing for .99 cents with a Fry's card and they girls were so excited to get to use them for other than squirting them into their mouths. 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo