Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small Things

Some days it is the small things that count. This is a filling cabinet in a closet that we keep our safe on.
I kept looking at this and thinking I really need to organize that and put things where they belong. So yesterday I finally did it. 


After: Much better 
Gabby was a little not so entertained on Thursday night. Her BFF couldn't hang out. Gabby wanted to do scary make overs. So this is what she came up with.
Her Father wasn't to pleased about it. he he
It is kind of  creepy and so not her personality. 
By the way the chain end is shoved up her nose and she is holding the other part in her mouth with the other end tucked behind her ear. Hmmm not sure what to make of this look.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 


The Lucas Gang said...

Looks good, Gabby on the other hand.... not so much.

Bobbi Jo said...

You should have seen your Dad's face. It was so funny!