Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recap Of Tuesday And Watcha Workin On Wednesday

Tuesday was a good day even though Monday night didn't allow much sleep. Alan and I went to lunch. Yes I broke my eating program BIG TIME! It was so worth it. I have been desiring Mexican Food or the term Jonesing it! Not sure how that term came to be unless it is like keeping up with the Jones-es.. You know what I am talking about the chips, salsa that is just the right amount of spicy & hot that you can't stop eating it. And a shredded beef Chimichanga , enchilada style with guacamole. OH MAN did I enjoy it. Mi Amigos is one of my 2 favorite Mexican Food restaurants. I could eat there everyday if I was allowed too.
 They had a great special yesterday that you could donate $1 and get a burrito. So we did our chimis that way and just had extra charges for the sauces and such. Great lunch!
 In the afternoon Alan and I went to Faith's campaign speech. Remember I told you she decided to run for school President? She did a good job on her speech. Yes of course there are a picture or two but my computer won't let me upload them. Anyway she is very excited and today they will be voting and she will call and let me know. So everyone  please say a prayer for her.
 After this we went home and when the little girls got home from school we went to Elyse's basketball game. Her team the J.O. Combs Cougars won 35 to 18. It was a really good game. I am so surprised at E'lyse  she said she isn't very good yet she was blocking shots and doing a great job at being a guard. Way to go E'lyse!
 Now on to Whatcha Workin on Wednesday if you want to join in go on over to Leslie's blog My Country Home and sign up. My morning started at 4:45 I woke up and wasn't tired so I decided to get up and start my day. I made lunches, cleaned up lunch closet & shelves, did 2 loads of wash, folded darks and napkins and linens, I cleaned the stair rail banister and dusted all the tall frames including door frames, and  cleaned up living room before 5:30. I have been doing wash, making breakfast, made our bed & straightened up our bedroom and put away clothes. I am planning on getting the little girls room cleaned up, finish up Dallas's wash, run a couple errands and work on the master closet. We will see if I get to the last one today.
 Well, I better get off of here and get back to work before I get too cozy sitting here.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leslie said...

Bobbi Jo,
Don't feel bad about not keeping seems all of blog land has slowed down this summer. I know it was hard for me to keep my posts going let alone keep up with all of the people on my blog roll. Winter is coming and things will be different...

Congrats to your daughters on the basketball game and running for class president :)

Have a great day!


Kara and Todd said...

You make me tired just reading about what you have done! and I have to admit, after getting the kids off to school, I took a nap!

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Sounds like you had a delicious lunch!! It is a busy time of the year!! Stop by when you can. Connie

Ham N Cheese said...

Ok, now I have to wait til tomorrow to see if she was voted in? Major cliffhanger bobbi! We had chimi's sunday night, luckily I have a good recipe cuz there is NO good mexican food out here!

Jaclyn said...

Mmmm... Mexican food :)

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Holy cow woman:) I"m tired just reading about it all. You really know how to pack a bunch into a day. I loved the cute tribute to your son - what a handsome fella!