Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Nellie

I want to send a bark out to the best companion, protector and side kick my dog Nellie. Today she is 8 years old. Nellie is a Australian Shepard/Boarder Collie. I wanted to get a small dog when the opportunity came to pick one I fell in love with Nellie. My Sister in Love had taken her to obedience school and she was a very tough and kind of mean dog. She actually picked me when she came and laid beside my feet. The kiddos have broken her mean spirit to a point.
Nellie is the queen of all pups of course what else would the queen have? She is a giant fur ball that follows me around where ever I go. So Happy Birthday my sweet Nellie Ann Houser Nichols.
A little more about Nellie and her bio.
Nellie loves music She loves big stuffed toys to play with
This is her favorite way to lay in-case some one happens by to give her a belly rub
My kiddos say she is an old crab but she's my buddy
Have a wonderful Friday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

She totally makes me think of my Annie Louise...except she has a much better hair-do!

Anonymous said...

Ugh she is such a spoiled brat.

shortmama said...

What a cute girl!

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

Don't forget that Nellie is the scariest animal to go swimming with! My husband once threw a dog toy at me so Nellie would jump in the pool and swim her scary dog paddle and freak me out. Rude.

Ham N Cheese said...

Nellie will always be my favorite dog ever. I used to plot ways to get her back. I guess she likes you though.