Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Review

First of all I need to share with you my friends in blog land. I have been trying new things. Trying to get out of my comfort zone. For many years I have had a weird fear of movie theaters so this was a big step for me and I lived through it. So step out and do something new today. I will tell you more of what I have been doing and trying later.
Last Friday Hubby and I went to the cheap matinee to see Julie & Julia. I was surprised that he wanted to see this.  I think he just wanted to see something that I wanted to see.
I grew up watching Julia Child and loved her joyfulness and love for food. I had also read about the kind of person she was and loved her positive attitude for life. Her energy shown through the TV to me.
 The movie Julie & Julia I thought was a wonderful uplifting movie. Not only does it have yummy food shown throughout but also deals with blogging. Another love of mine. I recommend seeing it I really enjoyed it . I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD

 Last night Hubby called me and asked if I would go to the movies again with him. I had seen the previews for this movie All About Steve and thought it looked very funny.
 Sandra Bullock is a wonderful actress and you gotta love those red boots! 
 It was a good movie. Sandra is one of Hubs favorite actresses so that was a bonus.
The movie was very funny. Hubs said that Sandra or her character reminded him of me when I have a Diet Coke. WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY and talked a lot. Yep that's me never mind the Diet Coke effect. 
The ending was a surprise but left me feeling glad I went to see it.
Hope you are all having a great Tuesday. Last week was a very off week for me but this week will be so much better. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like 2 really cute movies! I wanted to see the Julie/Julia one too.

shortmama said...

I have heard lots of good things about Julie/Julia and cant wait to see it!

~ Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home said...

Thanks for the movie reviews, Bobbi Jo! I've always liked Sandra Bullock too!

Have a great day!

Sara said...

I cant wait to see both of those movies

Jaclyn said...

I love going to the movies and hope to see both someday. Glad you liked them :)