Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition

Amber over at {aefilkins} is once again hosting the Extreme Makeover: Me Edition.
I had started my program at the beginning of the year. Lost about 17 pounds and injured my knee. No exercise and gained about 10 back. Then in April started back. It has taken me since then to lose the 51.6 pounds.

Today's question is :
What is your biggest obstacle right now? What are your plans for overcoming this and push forward?
My biggest obstacle right now is maintaining the weight I have lost so far. I will be taking a rest from trying to lose any weight for 6 weeks and concentrate on toning up everything.
I will continue with the eating clean, cardio 6 days a week and a lot of weight training and strength building. It is funny yesterday I doing my workout with Tony Horton (P90X dude) it was a butt kicker but felt so good to be shaking when I got done. Last night it hit me I was actually doing push-ups in my workout. I did them! It has been years since I could do a regular push-up. I have been doing the girl push-ups. This amazed me that my body is getting stronger.
My biggest thing that will help me is to stay positive.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Coastal Sisters said...

You go girl!! That is awesome! *clapping*

Make sure to strut in your new shoes!


shortmama said...

You are so inspiring!

Jaclyn said...

Way to go!