Sunday, December 23, 2012

Temple Lights

Saturday night we made our yearly trek to see the Mesa Arizona Temple Lights 
We had dinner first then we headed out
Dallas, Sara, Faith
Back Seat Drew, E'lyse and Gabby
 Gabby & Faith showing there sisterly love
 E'lyse and Drew Wetch (E'lyses not boyfriend boyfriend)
Sara & Dallas 
 Me and Alan ( he doesn't looks so thrilled to me! ) 
Pretty lights
 Gabby photo bombing my shot
 Faith photo bombing my shot
 Gabby again sneaking in at the right time to photo bomb my shot
 HA just got the top of Gabby's head 
 Random pink flower lights among a bunch of green that you really can't tell from this picture. 
 Missed not having Coco and her family with us this year.
After the Temple lights we went to a neighbor hood in Mesa that we go to almost every year that they all decorate their houses so amazingly. One house on the cul de sac has their back yard transformed into the streets of Bethlehem with a soundtrack going, super cool.
And each house has AMAZING garages. AWESOME! 
Yes I should have taken pictures but I was a very LAMO blogger. Sorry! 
Of course there was hot chocolate that was gotten on the way! 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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Z said...

Great pics Bobbi--you have to tell me how to include my name, at the end of every blog post, like yours :)