Monday, December 17, 2012

I Have Been Socked

Back ground to my post here today. I don't like socks. I don't care if they are clean or dirty, mine or someone else I don't like socks. I do where them but they just gross me out. 
Now to my post
On Sunday I was at church in Sunday school sitting next to my friend Amy (who also does my hair). There was a hair on the back of the ladies dress in front of her just hanging off. All of the sudden Amy picks it off. She said to me "That was bugging me." Then she asks me," if there was a sock on someones back would I take it off?" I told her no! I would get a pen and flick it off or kick it off. 
Then she starts laughing and saying "Wouldn't it be funny if you woke up and there were socks all over your floor?" I told her no that it would be worse than snakes.
She was getting a real chuckle out of the thought. After church I told the family about it.
So this morning the alarm goes off I step out of bed and right away I felt a sock under my foot.
I said out loud to Alan "Really Alan!" He says "What?" 
I say my prayers then go over and turn on the light.
There were socks on my desk, on the floor beside our bed, on the floor at the foot of our bed and on our bed. EWWWW!  He looks at me and says," I heard someone open the door it must have been Amy!"
Several pairs of socks 
 And more
Some people get heart attacked nope not me I get socked! 
I did get a good laugh out of it once I got over the gross out shock.
Never a dull moment in this house.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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