Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Pictures

 A Christmas Eve tradition growing up was that we got to open one gift. It was always new PJ's.
I wanted to continue this with our family and so I have.
This year the girls came up to our room to open their gifts.
They like to wear PJ bottoms with t-shirts so I just got them new PJ bottoms.
E'lyse, Faith (she was sick so not super happy) and Gabby
 Silly girls and their colorful PJ bottoms
4:00 am there was a knock on our bedroom door. I open the door 
and the girls are standing there ready to go down stairs and open gifts
I went down stairs, turned the lights on the large tree and had to take a picture of it as I do every Christmas morning. I think it is pretty.
Then I told everyone they could come down
Alan, Faith, Gabby and E'lyse heading down stairs.
Alan was a little tired.
 E'lyse was the official gift sorter
 Faith and Gabby opening up gifts.
Now the bad news!! I am a major bad bad blogger. I didn't take any more pictures. 
1. I forgot
2. People weren't liking me snapping pictures of them
3. I was super tired.
We opened gift and talked for a while. Everyone decided we needed some more sleep so we went back to bed. Dallas & Sara were supposed to come over to have breakfast with us as 8:30 so Alan and I got up and started cooking. We had pancakes (plane & chocolate trip), hootenanny ( German Pancake), eggs & bacon,.
It was a really nice, peaceful easy going day. 
In the afternoon E'lyses not boyfriend boyfriend came over so they could exchange gifts and he ended up having dinner with us. 
We all missed not having Coco and her family here but they will be in this coming weekend and we get to have Christmas all over again. 
It was a different Christmas than we have had in the past. I really don't know if it was the medication or what but I didn't stress out and it was really nice. 
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful loving family.
I got texts from friends and family wishing a Merry Christmas.
It was a wonderful day with some of the most important people of my life.
I truely hope that all of my blogger friends were blessed with all they had wished for on this special day.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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