Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beginning To Look Like Christmas

This morning when I walked the girls out I saw this and had to take a picture
Of course after having to take a picture I needed to share it
This morning Herby was hanging out with our dancing & singing Santa.
This Santa was my Mother in Loves and the kids have always enjoyed it.
 I decided it was time to really get Christmas rolling in the house 
I started unpacking the boxes in the garage and my Santa's are now in place
Herby loves hanging out with them 
Can you spot him?
(Herby is on the branch of the tree next to the dancing & singing Santa on the left side.)
Remember I told you about this popcorn we got last night? 
The Zebra chocolate popcorn is incredibly evil & delicious
In the picture below, see the brown stuff? 
That is chocolate! Yes yummy clumps of chocolate on the popcorn.
I had to restrain myself and not eat the entire bag. 
Today was a good day. No stress in the day.
Looking forward to tonight just taking it easy and enjoying life. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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