Monday, December 24, 2012

Cabela's Christmas Tradition

We just started last year a Christmas tradition of going to Cabela's. It is a outdoor persons store.
My husbands love for hunting & fishing is met at this store. 
We spent almost 3 hours walking around checking out all the great things they have there.
E'lyse, Drew (E'lyses not boyfriend boyfriend), Faith and Gabby
give fishies a thumbs up!
Huge fish
See....... huge
Gabby photo bombing drew
Drew on the loo
E'lyse and Drew talk as the try out the cots
Gabby and Faith trying them out too
Faith is looking pretty comfortable
These are awesome cots! 
Gabby & Faith really liked them
Wheres Gabby? 
Very cool and touching display honoring the fallen military men and women from Arizona 
Faith reading about the hero's of our military
Another section of the wall
I shoved the kiddos into a cave and starved they for not minding
Not really they are just really good actors/ models 
Gabby caved in..... ha ha 
My pet pterodactyl from when I was a kid.
Drew in fuzzy hat
Gabby and Faith in fuzzy hats 
Bear trying to get honey from the hive 
Cute prairie dogs
Gabby with Mr. Moose
Faith with Mr.Moose
E'lyse and Mr.Moose 
Drew with Mr.Moose
Drew is thinking that Mr.Moose is a little to cozy with E'lyse 
E'lyse, Drew and Mr.Moose
Faith and Eli the elephant
Rhiny the rino and Pumba
Wild lion and zebra 
Ugly Nellie face (Nellie is my dog and she makes this face when mad)
Wild magazine
Stinky the skunk 
Gabby was ready to touch the rattle snake and I scared her. 
It was funny to watch her jump.
Alan says to me "Hey Bobbi I found some overall for Coco and Meredith."
Our daughter Coco is 5 ft and Meredith is our niece she is almost 5 ft.
Unity star with all of our feet but Alan. 
He was off looking at something.
We then said goodbye to Cabela's and went to get a late lunch .

The annual Nichols family party that is held on the 23RD of December . This is Alan's dad's Birthday. He would have been 87 yrs. old this year. The party  at 5 pm. 
This is a picture of the pretty set up that Linda (Alan's oldest sister set up in her back yard.)
 This is E'lyse, Drew, Ty Bowmen (cousin) and Faith.
 I was a major LAMEO blogger. I only took the 2 pictures of the party. 
Sheesh I even had my camera with me.
When we left the party we drove around a couple neighbor hoods that have beautiful light displays. 
I love this house they decorate for every holiday. Such a fun house! 
 Another shot of the front yard. 
Had a good time being with family. 
I am such a blessed person to have so many sweet & loving people. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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