Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picture Download

Every once in a while I take pictures then I don't make blog posts about them so what is a girl to do with them well you do a post on picture download ( I think I got this idea from Coco) so thank you Coco! 
This is Faith (July 2012) when she was freshly home from 4 days at girls camp this year. 
One of  the Young Woman leaders made the girls these cute headbands.
The girls had so much fun. Next year all three girls will be at camp. That will be odd! 
 I was at Wally World making copies of pictures for our entry way a while back 
I look up and there is this Creeper staring at me!!! Just kidding it is Gabby, just being Gabby.
 This is when she saw the camera pointed at her.
Creeper face
When Coco was down the last time we went to Target to do a little shopping. 
I look over at Coco and she is wearing this amazing Spider Man mask. 
Love it, it is SPIDY COCO!
I keep a hula hoop in my room to use when I get the urge. 
Gabby came in and was whipping it around on her neck
 My first Sunflower I have ever grown. Unfortunately it didn't do to well after a while and started dying off but now down around the bottom of it there are a good 12 mini Sunflowers all yellow and pretty growing. Crazy!  
My squash, pumpkins and cucumbers got attacked by STUPID squash bugs and killed them all off. 
I was so bummed they had been doing so good. Oh well maybe next year. 
Hope you enjoyed the down load. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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