Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bucket List Item NOT

 This morning started out as the usual Thursday morning. My plans of going to the bank to get the money our for allocating into our envelopes, going to do my grocery shopping at Sprouts, Wal-Mart, go by the library and then home to finish a few of the chores I had to finish up.
 You know the saying of the best laid plans well, plans were ruined. I went to the bank. I normally don't go into banks due to my major fear of being in there and some idiot robbing it.  I normally go through the drive through but our towns bank closed theirs down a couple of weeks ago. Due to the strange amounts of bills we get out I can't go through the ATM. Anyway, I go into the bank and start my transaction with the teller. I notice I am the only customer at the time then a man walks in next to me and has on a motorcycle helmet and black jacket/shirt and gloves. I am thinking to myself why in the world wouldn't you take off your helmet in the bank it is so hot outside (high 90's) . Just feeling a little uneasy I look at my teller and she keeps looking over at the man, then I see her reach for her security button. I use to clean banks with my Mom so I know about these things. Then my teller messes up the counting of my money. She then reaches to the other side for the button, she looks at him, then the other teller and then me. During this I am looking out of the corner of my eye and see him hand the teller 2 manila envelopes with large writing like a sharpie. I look back at my teller and she is fumbling the money and then she pushed the wrist button bracelet she was wearing. She then looks at me and lips my most dreaded words "ROBBERY!" I am thinking to myself this can't be happening.
Well the guy who I only got a look at when he first walked up then from the corner of my eye had a gun and was robbing the bank. Thinking to myself should I pretend to pass out or try to do something but then I was worried about the teller that the guy might shoot her.
 When the poor teller was done filling the envelopes with the money and the man walked out quietly she  started crying. Then I started crying. The guy left and there was no sound of a motorcycle and no cars other than mine in front of the bank.
 Maybe I am a big baby but it scared me so much. I called my husband and all he had to say was "Well now you can cross that off your bucket list." Yea, not on my list what soever.
 I told my husband I was not going shopping that I was just going home to stay.
 Guess shopping will have to wait till tomorrow. Hugs, Bobbi Jo