Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homecoming Invites

Last week E'lyse had this pizza made for the guy she wanted to ask to Homecoming , Drew. She made the poster on the lid and left it at his house for him to find after football practice. 
I love the sign I thought she did a really good job on it. 

Tuesday Drew text me and asked if he could come over to leave his message for E'lyse. 
He came over with the sign and a dozen beautiful red roses.

The sign up close. The letters are made with Starburst candies glued on. 
Super cute! 
E'lyse when she first saw the sign in her room
Drew left and parked on the street behind our house. He asked me to text him when she got home so he could surprise her
Drew and E'lyse 
Drew & E'lyse I told them to look at each other and they couldn't stop laughing 
Homecoming is at the end of October so we have a little time to prepare for their group date. 
It should be fun.Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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