Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend & Baby Blessing

 This weekend we made a trip up to one of my very favorite places Pinetop Arizona. 
Coco and Kyle were having the baby blessing for Kylia on Sunday so we thought it would be nice to spend the weekend up there. Dallas & Sara left earlier in the day so they could go to the high school football game with Coco& Kyle.
We got up there around 9 when we made it up there. We stayed up a little late visiting with everyone.
It was really good to have the family together. 
Saturday turned out to be a very LAZY day. None of us felt very peppy. We were suppose to do family pictures since the last time we took one was in 2009 and we have added 3 1/2 people to the family. But this didn't even happen.
Later in the day we decided to walk to the park and play ball. 
This is E'lyse, Talmage riding his bike, Coco and her fancy new double stroller.
Alan, Gabby and I were walking behind them.  Dallas, Sara and Kyle drove over to the park.
The mosquito's were horrible at the park. This is Sara and Faith sitting in the dugout. Sara hasn't been feeling the greatest due to her pregnancy so it was nice for her to even come with us.  
The others started playing ball while we had these little pests flying into our faces.  
Well we didn't stay to long due to those little buggers bugging the heck out of us. 
So we walked back home.
This is Kylia enjoying her new wheels. 
 Opps I think I startled her
I am a lame blogger I didn't take a lot of pictures I think my brain was tired. 
On Sunday morning we ate breakfast and got ready and went to church. 
We got back to the house and some of us napped, some watched movies, played hide and seek. 
Kylia's blessing was at three. This is Coco getting Kylia dressed in the blessing dress. This is the same dress Naima wore for hers.

 I just love this picture of Naima reading 
 Kylia ready to be blessed
 She was a little tired so I held her while Coco went to get ready
 Loving the little Elvis lip going on here 
 These next photos are photos that Coco took 
This is me and Kylia 
 The Kyle Lucas family 
Kylia, Kyle, Coco, 
Naima and Talmage
 Love this one 
 Our family. Not the picture we had in mind but I will take it. 
Left to right. 
Dallas (20), Sara, me, Gabby (11), Alan, E'lyse (16), Kyle, Naima (2),
Talmage (4), Kylia (2 months) , Coco (22) and Faith (13)
 Miss Kylia 

 Loved having the family together and being able to witness the blessing. It was beautiful. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

We are glad you guys could come up! It was fun hanging with you guys.