Friday, September 28, 2012

Sandwich Making, Fruit & Garden Update

A while back, something like 2 + months I saw this idea on a blog and now I can't remember what one is was. So if you read my blog and this was your idea it is ingeniousness. When we went up to Coco's she had already taken the idea into action. I have had it done for a while now and this is an amazing time saver.
I keep the mustard's, mayo, miracle-whip, jelly, jam and lunch meat. This way when you want to make a sandwich it is all there. 
 This is it in the refrigerator. One of the biggest things I have noticed is how it frees up room from the door and keeps things nice and organized. 
Recently I finished reading this book "Fit For Life NOT FAT For Life"
Really good book. Very motivating to eat healthier, information about nutrients in food and how our bodies work in simple form to understand.
I have been eating clean but fell off eating enough fruits and veggies as I was before. 
My body was feeling it so I started pushing to get them back into my daily eating.
 Went to Sprout's today for some yummy fruits and veggies. 
I spend almost half of the weekly grocery budget on these. 
Today I got the following: 
Romaine lettuce (5 heads), black plums, 2 bags if red grapes, plum tomatoes, 
nectarines, Gala apples, 2 avocados  but wait there's more
 Small package of blueberries, 2 containers of strawberries, cantaloupe, 
cauliflower, navel oranges, onions, 2 English cucumbers and 4 cucumbers.
All of this for $52.70. Pure yummieness ! 
 Now onto the update on my garden.
SNIFF SNIFF I am sad to say that my garden is soooooo sad.
The squash bugs killed, yes killed all of my cantaloupe, spaghetti squash, zucchini, and all of my pumpkins
except for this sweet little one that was rescued. 
 On a brighter note my loofah is going a little crazy. This one is on the side of my raised bed.
 The yellow blossoms are all loofah. The vine has crawled all over the fence.
 Another one that is huge. To the right is my first sunflower that died, yet there are a bunch growing at the base of it. 
Even though my garden didn't flourish the way I wished it had it was a 
growing (excuse the pun) experience for me.  
If anyone has any idea of how to deal with the squash bugs I would love to hear. 
My garden is fully organic. I used the organic powder to take care of them and the soap spray but it didn't do the trick. 
A little late getting my winter garden in but it is still in the 90's here so I think 
that I still have time to get it in. 
So glad it is Friday today. Ready for a relaxing evening and watching Blue Bloods.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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