Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Recap (Warning-Long Post!)

On Saturday I woke up at 6:20, got to sleep in, After getting myself ready for the day I got to work on things that needed to be done. Alan and Dallas were gone hunting, E'lyse was at her sleepover and Faith & Gabby were home with me. I had them clean their
bedrooms when they got up and ready. I painted a few things:
to this
I white washed a basket, painted a tin thing, not sure what it is called:
and this
I painted my board that didn't get done last Wednesday
now this My TV now has a pink place to sit.
I hung up my signs that were waiting for hubby to do and the rest of the day I worked organizing, cleaning and having a good time till 7:45. I can't believe how much I got done. It felt good to look around and see things in their place.
With this past week everyone being busy and not having much time together as a family and the weather being overcast it was a perfect day for a ride. We didn't go to church but the family time together was so wonderful and fun for all of us. We invited Coco and Talmage to go with us since Kyle has to work Sundays. We loaded up my van and headed up to the snow country. Here in the valley it is so rare that it snows and I miss it so much from living up north that I was very excited about it. Here are some pictures of our day. The kiddos loaded in the van for the trip-Front: Coco, Talmage, Dallas. Back: E'lsye, Gabby and Faith.
This is the road on the way out of the valley-
All of the sudden we hit this-. Love the clouds lingering over the hills. So we drive along and and back to this. No this is not out of order this is the way Arizona is- Girls in cattle cage. he he Potty brake for the boys. Talmage loved being able to stand up on his own.
. So we went further and further up into what is called the rim. About a half hour later we came to snow again. We stopped and ate then drove a little further for those who know Arizona we went past the beautiful town of Strawberry to find this- Beautiful!
We got to a great spot that there was nobody else around and everyone got out and got snow gear on-.
This is Coco and Talmage. Talmage loves the snow and he seemed so happy to be there. This is Alan and me. I had on two layers of long sleeve shirts and my big bulky coat it was kind of hard to snoogle for picture with Alan.
Snowball fight in the making-

Alan and Talmage. Talmage catching snow flakes.

Gabby with snow beard.

Faith a bundled up.

E'lyse being a typical teenager.

Dallas trying to look distinguished he he. He is growing back his beard for MORP. He and his date are going to be Beauty and the Beast.
Coco and Talmage enjoying the falling snow-

Snow dump- Yeah a piggy back ride. Dallas tells E'lsye is going to dump her in the snow. Love the look on her face!
There they go. SLAM!
Dallas trying to get away fast!
The building of the snowman. The older kiddos were tired out so Faith, Gabby and Alan built our snowman-

He is a Diamond Backs fan just like the rest of the family! Then it was time to go home-.
Alan driving.
Talmage and doughnuts Talmage was having fun learning he could suck on his toes.
It was a good trip. On the way home they had the highway closed due to a fatality accident . So we had to turn around and go through a different way that took another 2 and a half hours to get home. So we got home after 10 . Everyone was tired and ready for bed.
I know this post was long but so many fun pictures to share and believe me there are many more that I won't post. I took 334 pictures!
Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kortnei said...

Nice crafts! They all look good. Glad you guys had a good time playing in the snow. Your photos are beautiful!

Jaclyn said...

Glad you had a fun day in the snow! In Snowflake we had hardly anything but it sure is snowing up here in Pinetop!

PC said...

Love the bench!
Love the pix of your outing - touched my heart...Paula

The Lucas Gang said...

I look like a idiot in all my pictures...

At least you didnt post THAT one.. LOL

♥HANNAH♥ said...

that looks so fun in the snow! i wish i could have played in it!

Frances said...

What fun you all had! It sounds like a wonderful day!