Monday, February 23, 2009

Homemaker Monday and Menu Monday

Homemaker Monday
My tip for today has to do with the wooden handles utensils in your kitchen. If they are starting to get dried out due to use or maybe them getting washed in the dishwasher. Get some mineral oil and put some on a clean soft cotton cloth or an old washcloth it doesn't take a lot of the oil . Let it soak in the cloth just a little while . Then wipe it into the wooden handles of your utensils. This keeps them looking good and lasting longer.

Menu Monday

Chicken Terriyaki

Fat Tuesday
Dirty Rice
King Cake

Lemon Pepper Chicken Saute

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Amish Yum-A-Setta

Date Night

Navy Bean Soup

My weekend was good and busy. Saturday we worked around the house getting things put up in the attic. Alan and I had put the lights in a few weeks ago but had to wait to get the things put back up. Then Coco and I got the little girls room painted. It is a bright green and very happy. Unfortunately the paint was a little watery so I have to get another gallon and go over it one more time. The girls love the color of it, I do too!
Saturday night Alan started making the platforms for their beds. My food storage buckets that you have often seen in my pictures from my craft room are going to be the base of their beds. There will be a platform that will be placed on top and then material will cover up the buckets underneath. So the buckets will be out of the craft room and the girls will have single beds in place of their bunk beds. I love bunk beds for the space saving aspect but in Arizona you need ceiling fans in almost every room during the summer so you can't have the bed that is close to that and they are a pain to make. When the buckets are moved out Alan and I are going to make floor to ceiling shelves for food storage. I am so excited about this. Our house doesn't have a basement and there is not a lot of storage space.
Sunday we went to church. It had to have been the nosiest Sacrament meeting I have ever been in. Holy cow I was getting annoyed at the parents who bring loud toys to church or don't sit with their children to keep them reverent. But it was a good meeting anyway. After church we came home had a bite to eat and then took a lovely nap. I was tired and it was so good to have a quiet time.
Coco, Kyle and Talmage came over for a cookout. After dinner we had root beer floats. Talmage just had ice cream . Since it has been a little while without a picture I wanted to share some with you.

Talmage really enjoyed the ice cream.
We had a good evening and always enjoy having the family together.
I have my list made out for today so off I go. Have a great Monday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

I think doing a Fat Tuesday menu is so fun!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'll be over for Fat Tuesday. Hold a plate for me.

Katie said...

I've been using plastic Faberware spoons because my wooden ones got all yucky. Now I'll have to go get some new ones and take care of them with the oil like you said:) Cause I've been reading about how you shouldn't use plastic when it's been heated up.
I just want to say of a parent of one of the loud ones, sometimes it is really hard to keep them quiet. I do bring silent toys like her board book bible and a doll to try and occupy her but sometimes it's impossible and I'm so embarrased. I end up taking her out in the vestibule to let her walk about and miss most a lot of service. We don't know what to do, I don't want to NOT take her and I feel going is the only way she'll learn how to be appropriate.

Cass said...

Oh I loved the pictures of the baby! How adorable.

Little ones in church can be a challenge. I didn't bring our girls to the regular Sunday worship service until they were beginning to read and could hold the hymnal and try and follow along. Before that, if you look at it from the child's viewpoint, it's mighty boring! Our church has a volunteer-staffed nursery for really young ones, and I used that.

I didn't want church time to become stressful fight time -- and when my girls were older, they were ready and excited about joining us in church. It must have worked; my oldest moved to California for grad school in August, and right away found a local church and joined the choir; I am so glad and grateful that she has a church family when she is 3000 miles away from her own family.

It's awfully hard to keep really young ones quiet. But noisy toys don't help!

Anonymous said...

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