Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Check In And I Was Spotlighted

This day started out as most days. Me waking up first, getting lunches out of the fridge, waking up Dallas then Alan. Wait a half hour then wake up the girls, get everyone ready and off to school and work, exercise and do chores then I got a phone call at 10:00 that my sweet little E'lyse got in a fight at school and got suspended. WHAT? Of all people I didn't expect to get this call about child #3. So she is suspended till Friday from going to school. What kind of punishment is that? DUMB! It turned out it was self defense. Not that I condone fighting but I have also taught my kids to not be pushed around, try to talk it out or walk away and this girl didn't want either. So I get to keep her busy for the next two days.
A little later in the day my sweet friend, visiting teacher and Relief Society President called and wanted to stop by. She brought me these-
These are such pretty Gerber Daisies. Kirstan is such a fun lady. She comes over and we just spend way to much time talking and laughing.
I had something else really cool happen today. I was spotlighted on 4 Hats and Frugal blog today. All 3 of my blogs! Makes me feel special. Thank you Amiyrah so glad to have you as a blog buddy!
I forgot to share with you the gracefulness of Coco and myself. Sunday morning I was going to pick up E'lyse from her sleep over and Alan had brought in all his riffles and put them on the floor in our great room. I was walking out to the kitchen area and I tripped from the nice s0ft carpet to the tile floor and smacked down first on my left knee then the rest of me. As I lay on the floor crying from the throbbing pain in my knee the kiddos and Alan are all leaning over me saying, "Are you okay? What happened?" I just wanted to go back and kick the guns or throw them. So the knee is still majorly hurting and throbs when I try to rest it. Then when Coco came over to go on our snow trip with us she was walking across the living room and tripped landing her right foot in this-This is a TV tray. The girls use these to color on while watching TV. Poor Coco was hurled into the air with the green tray hanging on. Luckily she fell on the carpet. Unfortunately her mom, brother and sisters were not as nice to her as they were to me. I couldn't help but laugh at the looks of her little foot stuck in the tray and it wouldn't shake off. I think she has recovered.
Off to eat dinner and maybe stay up and watch Real Housewives of the OC. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about your DD! It's so hard....she did what you guys feel is right but it's against the school. Like you said, though, what does suspending her REALLY do?!

Oh my word! I hope you guys feel better and are more careful!

A few weeks ago, Shane came out of the bathroom and said that something fell but he didn't know what or how. It was one of those fake stories and I knew he knew dang well what fell and how! I went in and here it was this grapevine wreath that hangs on wall by the sink. The plantation shutter to the window was hanging wide open. I knew right away what he did, he flung the shutter open so hard and fast, it flung around and hit the wreath and knocked it down. Just say that, don't make up a story! Anyway, I couldn't get the real story out of him, so I was ticked, because I had to clean up all of this grapevine junk, too that was all over the counter and floor and I said, "I know what happened...THIS happened..."I shut the shutter and then flung it open fast, it bounced off the wreath on the wall and the wreath fell. I bent over to pick up the wreath right as this was happening, went to stand back up and hit the top of my head square on that dang corner of that shutter! OUCH! It was one of those hurts that causes instant tears. I was seeing stars! LOL I was on the floor, rocking back and forth bawling. I was certain I cut my head open! Shane yelled, "Person DOWN!" They were worrying about me. Jer never came back because he thought I was LAUGHING and I was actually bawling! LOL That will teach me to loose my cool, huh?

Have a great night!


Lynn said...

Ouch! Sure hope your knee feels better.

The Lucas Gang said...

Hahahah that was funny.
I did laugh out loud when I though my whole "trip" over in my head.. LOL

The Lucas Gang said...

Hahahah that was funny.
I did laugh out loud when I thought my whole "trip" over in my head.. LOL

Ham N Cheese said...

What a day!!! Poor Elyse. You are such a good mom!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Hey, good for Elyse...I bet that girl won't be messing with her anymore. And I know, the districts zero policies rarely make sense, but what can you do. I know she's a good girl and you're a good mom. Sorry about your fall, its worse as we get older isn't it? (to fall I mean) Hope you don't do that again! (trip )

nikkicrumpet said...

Sorry about your daughter...but I agree...you have to teach them to stand up for themselves and not to let someone push them around. I hope her nose is okay...and I hope the school does the right thing and punishes the girl who hit her!