Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers

Today is the big game day for those who are football fans. Steelers VS Cardinals! The space has been divided in our home. My dear trader hubby, who served his mission in Peynnsilvania decided he was going to support the Cardinals. Yes he is one of those lame people that jumped on the band wagon when they started getting closer to the Super Bowl. As for the rest of the house, I was born in PA brain washed by my big brother and beaten with a terrible towel till I was convinced that there was no other team worthy to watch as a young girl (JK). Along with me will be Dallas, E'lyse, Faith and Gabby rooting for the Steelers. Hubby might want to watch in another room.
This is my brother Mark and his daughter Samarah. Being that they live in Arizona too have been harased for being Steelers fans.
I am not a diehard football fan who watches it all the time. I personally love baseball but I will watch only the Steelers play when I do watch. Loyalty is in the blood to my home team. Hope you all have a great day. Time to get ready for church. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Ham N Cheese said...

You should see the craziness here in Steeler's country. I'm not sure what will be worse if they win, or if they lose...I see a riot either way!!! Oh well, Go STEELERS!

The Lucas Gang said...

Well apparently everyone here (but me) is going for the cardinals. I am staying to my personal beliefs, I am only in it for the steak! HAHAH. Oh well I guess Talmage will clap for whoevers' fans are clapping, he is good like that!

Jaclyn said...

I'm actually recording it so that I can fast forward the game and see the commercials. I want to make sure I see the commercial that will be in 3D (following with a 3D episode of Chuck tomorrow night). As for who wins, I honestly don't care :)