Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

It is time for Whatcha Working on Wednesday with Leslie . With only 98 Days till Christmas, Yes you heard right 98 DAYS till the big day I would love to say that I have a handle on all my projects that I have planned for it. But, I don't so I my game plan for today is: Run errands to finish up Birthday shopping for Gabby's Birthday on Friday, along with picking up grocery items needed. Coming home and starting in on those Christmas gifts. Some I will share when I am working on them others I won't due to who might be reading this. I have so many ideas in my head and when I went to Deseret Book store the other day I found this and it added so some of the things to make.
I love Mary Engelbert's art work and this is chalk full of fun things to make. Including a Santa Doll. I collect Santa's and have been wanting to add another craft to my fun list. So this is what I have planned and I will let you know how I progress later today.
Yesterday evening the Alan, the girls and I went with Coco and Talmage (Kyle was still at work), to see the model of the home they are buying. She is going to have it so cute and homey when they get in there. What fun ! Makes me want to move again. Shhhh ..... Don't tell Alan! Anyway the girls were getting hungry so we were going to leave and Kyle showed up and Alan and him wanted to walk the trench that is dug and the start of the footing. So Alan said he would ride home on Kyles bike with him. Mind you it is a sporty type bike, it is a Yamaha (not a Harley, can't believe it is parked in front of my house!) JUST KIDDING COCO!!! Anyway so this would have been a perfect Kodak moment to get this picture. So Coco, E'lyse and I waited and waited out front for them. This is E'lyse coming out to join us. She was a little annoyed because Coco and I kept taking pictures of her as she was walking out.

So we stayed out there for a while longer and they didn't show. By the way dinner was in the oven and luckily I had it all ready to pop in the oven. After I was done putting the children's sandwiches in there lunch boxes I decided to put all the ingredients in the pan so I could just pop it in the oven. Big time saver was having already had my pre-cooked chicken cut up for in the casserole. On my way back inside the house I decided to share a picture of our front door. I had decorated for Fall over the weekend with Gabby helping me.
So this is it for now. I better go for now I need to get kiddos ready for school and myself to run errands. Check in later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

Less then 100 days to christmas! Oh my...I was in Joann fabric a few days ago and they have all the fall, halloween and now christmas stuff out. I am not ready to start thinking about christmas yet!

Amy said...

Hi Bobby Jo!! How lovely that you stopped by!! That just makes my heart so happy :D REally really happy!!

I just wanted to tell you Hi back!!

Bless you this day!