Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FALL is in The Air

I have been decorating and hoping the weather would cool off and feel like Fall was here. And yesterday it was. It was wonderful, windy and a little bit cooler. It was so windy that my cute little scarecrow Epson blew over.
Now I am not saying it was time to pull out the jackets or anything like that but it was to the point that I didn't about suffocate from the heat wave when I walked outside. I tried scaring my 12 yr. old daughter with it through the window, but it didn't work.
She was in my craft room that looks out to the front yard and I was making it hit the window and it was not successful. It has been working to scare my neighbors son when he takes out the trash, okay me and my other daughter at times too!
I tied Epson up to the tree so he can hopefully stay in place. Yes, he is named after my newest printer.
And this morning when sweet hubby left at 5 ish it was lovely outside. I said to myself there is hope it will cool off this year. Today it is once again windy but very sunny. Tomorrow it is time for decorating for Halloween. I am not into the scary stuff just the cute fun things. So that is what I will be working on tomorrow.
Today I had a couple of lessons on the drivers safety course I had to do. I am still working on the menu for next year and I am finishing up today's wash but I feel some fun things coming into play for a little later. CRAFTS that's right. Now what to work on. Hmmm I will have to go look. Tonight is the Young Women's In Excellence Night and they are having a dinner then the program so I won't need to make dinner. Well off to change wash over. Check in with you later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Bobbi Jo said...
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Little Brother said...

I know how you feel! It has been in the high 70's and low 80's over the past several weeks with the overnight lows only getting to the mid to high 40's. It is really a drag. I'm sure it is much nicer in Queen Creek than up here in the White Mountains!!!
Little Brother

KJ said...

I've been out of my routine lately due to many To-Do's. I have much catching up! I wish FALL would finally settle in here. It felt like an Arabian desert here yesterday! I was looking for my camel!

Well, off to see what I missed on your blog!

Tootles, KJ