Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I am a little late posting this today. It is time for Leslie's Whatcha Working on Wednesday. Today I was on a search for a messaging center or a control center for our house. This will be where mail is put, phone message, papers to be signed and returned, invitations and such. This is a picture of where I want to put it.

This is the bottom of the stairs where everyone travels daily.
So my DD and I went to Target to check out clearance items. I got to find a bargain or I am not going to buy it!
We won't go into great detail of what happen in the parking lot, I was attacked verbally. May I say I handled it like a lady should. Okay now we didn't find what I wanted on that wall. In my mind I am picturing a center that doesn't look like a doctors office but a pretty yet effective useful spot. Something with a place for letters and possibly a little table below it. So we (DD and I), decided to go to Ross. I went in and found some really cute items for fall and Halloween. I will show you pictures in a little bit. I go to the back of the store for home furnishings and found this:
Of course I will paint it to be an attractive feature of my house. We go to the front of the store to check out and I put the item on the counter and notice this:
This is the bottom of the letter station. It is a small corner pedestal about 1/4 of an inch. Using my Dave Ramsey Big Bargain move I said Oh this is missing how much can you give me off on this? Well the station was $18.99 and he gave me $3.99 off for that. YEAH!! It worked. So here is the rest of the items I got for a bargain mind you:

I love having a seasonal Cocoa cup so I found this fun one, the two painted mache boxes will look cute on a shelf for Halloween, the Thanksgiving Pumpkin I had seen on a web site for almost 3 times as much as I paid for it. For the fall season it will be turned around up on a shelf to decorate. And the last item the pretty little single tea pot with almost embossed flower on it was just too dainty for me to pass up for my evening tea.
I need to go and patch up some little girls jeans and fix a shirt for my son. I am also planning on working on one of my projects for Christmas.
I will post pictures of what I finish when I am done. Go to Leslie's and post what you are doing. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great Finds!
LOL, I have to laugh at the way i am listed in blog list.
Lisa-BS!! LOL

Beverly said...

Now I think a mug of hot cocoa would taste delicious. I think I'll go make me some.

Leslie said...

Nice fall finds and I like the office station that you found! Some paint and it will be perfect and no one will know it's missing anything :)

Sorry to hear about the meanie at Target. People are really getting to be RUDE! I was called the bad "B" word at McDonald's by and employee about a month ago. All because I went back in for my kids sauce and told them I'm tired of having to go back in and stated if they can't read, they shouldn't work there. I wasn't NASTY but they were! JERKS! And people on the highway are really SCARING me. In such a hurry!

Oh, to answer your question...I don't say "youins" LOL I never have and I don't say "y'all" either. However, the redding up thing is Pennsylvania Dutch and it's VERY common here and I say that! ;)

Hope you have a wonderful night!

The Lucas Gang said...

Dont lie you called her a dumb liberal who needs to get her head out of her butt... oh not to mention the black eye you gave her!

Just kidding