Thursday, September 18, 2008


Embarrassed to say I haven't gotten a bunch done today.I made lunches this morning and cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded and loaded dishwasher. After everyone was up I vacuumed the house upstairs and downstairs, I ran an errand and came home. I have been working on my Defensive Driving Class on line.

This is the picture they got. Too bad I wasn't dancing or something fun! Nope just driving a long.
I got a ticket a while back and so I have to take the class. NO it wasn't anything earth shattering that I got a ticket. I was going 36 in a 25. I shouldn't have driven when I was upset, bad me I know better ! Now I am paying for it. So I will be completing this class hopefully in the next few days and then taking the final test.
Yesterday I painted a snowman face he isn't done yet. I didn't care for the eyes on him so I had to repaint it. I am wanting to do a few more things today but we will see how much I get done. I have so many ideas going through my head of items to make for Christmas. Last year we made the 2 younger daughters Barbie houses so I am going to make the blankets, pillows and finish up the furniture for them this year. I picked up 2 dining room tables w/chairs for them yesterday that were a great price at the store.
So this is what I am up to today. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Humper's Family said...

I enlarged and printed that picture so I could have one of you on my my room.