Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Talmage, Tuesday, This & That

The typical Talmage face! Too Cute!
Talmage munching on some treats.

Today is Tuesday. There wasn't much accomplished for me yesterday it seemed as the day went on. I think there has been a little sick bug in our home and is taking it's turn on us. My DD Coco has been under the weather along with her sweet little Talmage. Even Coco's sweet hubby has felt a little yucky too. As you can see from the pictures above Talmage is doing better today. So glad for that & Coco seems better too. Today was Kyle's first day at the Academy. It is really mean what they do to the guys. He has been working nights from 2 to 10 and then all of the sudden he has to be there by 5:00 ish am and is to spend 10 hour days. I think Kyle will be glad to be back home this evening after being up late last night & getting up so early this morning.
Yesterday being Labor Day is the traditional Dove Hunting for those who want to go & have a license, in our family. Alan took out Dallas and Faith to go. They didn't have a lot of luck though. Later in the day Alan, Dallas, Elyse and Kyle went to the Diamond Backs baseball game. We won!! I would have gone but due to the new medications I don't want to be gone too far from home. he he

Last night we didn't have our cookout till late. We ate inside due to it was still a little warm and dark. Maybe next year a traditional Labor Day cook out? If I can figure out what that is. LOL
I don't normally go into politics on my blog even though I do voice my opinion in public, but I would like to say if you have read my profile you know I am a Staunch Conservative Republican and a Rush Baby.

Now to the point, I am so pleased that Sen. McCain has picked Gov.Sarah Palin. From everything that I have studied and heard she is a woman with great values and is showing it as each day goes by with the choices she makes. I have a good bit in common with her. She has become my new person to add to people I look up to, that list isn't very long by the way.
So back to not doing a bunch today but enjoying every minute of it. I have gotten my chores done, dinner planned and happy.

Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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