Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabby-8 yrs.old

Recently one of my dear friends Melissa had as her heading "Picture Overload", maybe I should have put that plus word overload. This is a long post!!! Grab a cup of cocoa and sit for a while.
When I found out I was pregnant again after the last baby having health problems, nursing every half hour and not much sleep I was so upset. I called Alan and started crying he said to me,"Your pregnant aren't you?" I said," Yes, I can't do this again." I was terrified to be honest with you. After about 3 months I got better with the idea and started getting a little more rest. When Gabby was born she was so sweet and I knew it would all be okay. I had a hard time with finding a name for her. I couldn't find one that I liked, and I really didn't like Gabby but we had to have a name before we came home from the hospital. We got her middle name first she was named after my SIL- Renee' who is more like a sister to me. Alan picked out Gabby and said he liked it so that is what it was. Now it fits her so well. She is a ball of energy and laughter. I don't know if it is something with the youngest child being a goof or what (I am the baby of our family, so I can say this). She loves to dress up and just be silly to make people laugh. Sometimes even when she isn't trying to she is a hoot!
Happy with wonderful smile and very curious. She was a very easy going baby. When she was almost 5 months old I was put in the hospital unexpectedly for 3 weeks and then again for another few days. I had to stop nursing her and she did so well. With me being gone and Alan having his hands full with the other 4 children, coming in to visit me his brother and wife took Gabby. I am forever grateful for their helping us out. She was good for them also. Gabby's favorite color is Purple, she loves hot chocolate in the morning, noon and night (like me), she likes watching Sponge Bob and older shows. One of her best friends is Faith. She and Faith do almost everything together. Being almost 17 months apart it is a little like having twins.They make daces up, play games and have secret rituals they do every night or when a new stuffed animal joins the family.
Gabby as BOO from Monsters Inc.
Gabby being cute!
Gabby with a squash we loving named Pete until he got squishy. I put cloves in him for his eyes. She would sleep with him and carry him all over the place.
This picture reminded me of Martha Stewart (I don't know why but I love it.)
Gabby last week. Being a bad guy. She reminds me of a picture you might have seen of a sailor w/ a tattoo. Love the tattoo MOM:)
These pictures were taken this morning by Coco. Gabby has grown so much.

Coco also did her hair. It also happens to be picture day at school.
So this being Gabby's 8Th Birthday she will be Baptized and become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They just changed our Stake Baptism day this past Sunday. So I got a call Sunday morning telling me that Gabby can be Baptised this Saturday. Okay for you other LDS mom's who know the panic of hearing this when you think you have a little over a month to prepare. EEEK!!! So she went for her interview with the Bishop and pretty much decided to do it this Saturday. For those who would like to come you are welcome to it is at the Bella Vista Ward in Johnson Ranch, just outside of Queen Creek. It will be at 9:30 and the Conformation will be at 10:00. I have nothing planned for treats or that. Bishop said to focus on this as the special thing happen to her on this day so I am trying not to freak out and feel guilty.
Tonight Alan is taking Gabby, Faith and maybe a friend to see Egor at the movies. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to McDonald's (Gabby's choice) and tomorrow night we are having a camp out in the living room. Still too hot outside to camp out.
So be forewarned there will be a lot more pictures to come tomorrow.
Gabby requested homemade chocolate chip cookies for her class and some teachers, librarian, coach and Principle so I finished those up this morning. I need to make her chocolate chip pie for her Birthday tonight so I better go. You all have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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