Thursday, September 4, 2008


This morning I have taken the girls to school and I am heading out to get blood work drawn. EWE! I am not a big fan of needles. When I was testing for the Air Force, my recruiter wanted me to be a nurse. I said no way I can't even watch someone get their ear pierced without getting sick to my stomach. I am such a wimp.

I think there is a yucky something in the air that is making people cranky and just mean.Maybe it is the political debates that are firring people up. So before we go anywhere today let's all take a deep breath and decide to smile no matter what and make someones day good too.

I am going to run a few errands while I am out. I have 2 kiddos with eye doctor appointments tonight and 1 for an exam tomorrow afternoon. This brings me to a question for any of you that have a son age 14-17. Are they always so wishy washy, moody and tired? My DS is usually pretty good with me but lately he has been worrying me. Our Bishop said that my DH and I are doing what we need to and that he has his free agency. I know this it is just making me nuts. Any ideas, suggestions or violins playing for my pity party would be appreciated. Have a great Thursday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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g said...

Boy oh boy. My son is now 20. I remember the early years of teen-dom were surly and secretive and such, but the later years he seemed to mature.

I think responsibility helps - is he driving yet?

It's hard. We really tried to give him his space. But I remember times of worry.

Good luck to you.