Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remebering 911 and Evacuations from Texas

My heart and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones from the attacks on 911 7 years ago today. I was watching this morning the memorial services and thinking about how much life has changed since this happened. I am sure many of us reflect on this. I thought about what I was doing that morning when I was listening to the news as I got kiddos ready for school. It was such a shock and I don't think the media was any help at the time either (big shock, NOT). I think the best changes that I recognized from that day was people standing up for our country. Coming together and loving each other. People were more polite, kind and understanding. Too bad we can't carry that feeling everyday without something this tragic to remind us that we are all Gods children and we should love one another. This is why the war is going on in Iraq. We need to support our military and those who serve to protect us daily. If you see a service person telling them thank you for protecting our great country be proud of it, hang your flag and say a prayer for all those men and women.
As for those people evacuated from Texas today I pray for them that they are able to have a place to stay and that the storm will not be as harsh as they are expecting. We need to all keep this in our minds today too.
I don't mean to be glum or get anyone down. Now good news, today is my dogs Birthday

Nellie use to be my brother and sister in laws dog. She was very aggressive and didn't care much for too many people. When I went over to see which of the dogs I wanted, they had 2 and had to get rid of one of them. The other dog kept growling at me and Nellie just looked at me. So I picked her. She was trained w/ commands, walk on a leash and potty trained. Now it took her 2 weeks before she wouldn't growl if my hubby came near me. The children broke her down on being grumpy with them. She is my protector and buddy. She follows me everywhere. She won't come down stairs in the morning until I do. She stands between me and strangers when they come to the door and still growls at men. If she doesn't like some one she nips their ankles (men) it is funny yet a little scary. She is a good judge of character! he he I love her. She is the best dog I have ever had.
So on with my day. I have to do my chores, take a child for eye follow-up, run an errand and what ever else happens today. Have a great day and please remember to be kind and loving to others. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

Cosmo needs to break her of being grumpy with other dogs!