Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Evening of Excellence and Whatch Working on Wednesday

Last night was Evening of Excellence in our ward. This is E'lyse by the picture of the symbol of the Young Women. This evening was to honor the young ladies between the ages of 12 to 18 as a "Holder of His Light". This was the theme for this year.
This is E'lyse and Sis. Oram who is the Young Woman's President. She use to be one of Coco's YW leaders.
This is the tables that were set up with each of the girls projects they had been working on along with a head shot of each of the girls. E'lyse has been learning how to play the guitar. This is for her talent.
More of the Young Woman's projects......
And more.
In our church the youth are so wonderful. They are taught to strive to live as Jesus did. The young men are given the opportunity to earn their Eagle Scout award and the young woman are to earn their Young Woman's Recognition Award. It is a lot of work and takes many hours of the week and almost a full 4 years to achieve. They are encouraged to work on different aspects of their life, to reach goals and accomplish this by the time they turn 18.
Last night they served a yummy dinner and then had speakers, beautiful musical numbers and our Bishop spoke. The girls all then sang a song. It was so beautifully decorated with twinkling lights across the ceiling , white tablecloth's, pretty center pieces and just a wonderful ambiance for the spirit to be felt. The desert was beautifully decorated cupcakes. The girls each received a necklace with the Young Woman's torch on it to remind them that when they are not feeling so like they have the light that he is there for them. It was a wonderful evening. The YW leaders in our ward are awesome and I am so grateful for them and all they do for these girls.
On to Whatcha Working on Wednesday. Leslie is so sweet to host this every Wednesday and helps to keep us motivated. Today is the first day of October! Time to decorate for Halloween. I am in search for a round table for my entry way. I have had an idea cooking in my head since August for this table scape. I am planning on doing the decorating after a little bit of errand running this morning. I am also needing to do some scrap booking in a bad way. The erg hit me yesterday so I will scrap later today. I will share what I got done and maybe more pictures of it all. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leslie said...

Congrats to E'lyse. Sounds like an interesting concept :)

I still need to decorate for fall, too. I feel like I'm so behind but technically fall just started like a week ago, right? LOL

I just saw a round table today for a good price at the TS. You really should live here in PA again! LOL

Have a wonderful day!


James and Leisel Sherwood said...

I got my YW award thing as a girl, then again as a leader a few months ago. (I was on bed rest and I thought, what better way to spend countless hours of not being able to move around?) Its a great program!
A hook in the lip! Thats a good one. The time before James broke his foot/leg he got the hook caught in his finger while it was in the fish mouth! It was squirming around and yanking his thumb while James was yelling for his dad 1/2 mile up the river! Good times.

Anonymous said...

Dee Dee is so Purty.