Monday, October 27, 2008

What is Going on?

Peek a boo! This is Talmage last week playing Peek a boo with me, actually it is Coco holding him and playing with me. He He we have to find some excitement in our day!
What is going on you ask? Well I usually say not much but then a flood of different things come to my mind. Where do I start. I think I will start with last Tuesday. Faith (9) and Gabby (8) tried out for the drama club at their school. Faith sang a song from Hairspray. Gabby sang a song from the latest Barbie movie. On Friday morning I get a call from Faith at school that she made the club but Gabby didn't. Way to go Faith! Gabby was upset but she told me Friday morning before school that she prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help them be okay if one of them made it and the other didn't. She was okay when she got home. I told them that I was just proud of them for trying out at all.
Alan (DH) has been fighting a cold since early last week. I got him some Alka Seltzer cold tabs for congestion and he is doing much better. I would normally do the Zicam but he was too far into it to use that.
On Saturday Coco, Kyle and Talmage went out to yard sales. I love to do this but I don't usually go. Coco called me and said she found this an Armoire for $50. I have wanted one of these in my living room to hide the ugly TV, DVD and VCR for so long but didn't have or want to spend the big bucks for it. I even hugged the lady when I left. I am such a dork! But I get so excited when something like this happens.

So I have big plans for this baby!
The door was broken off on the bottom and I said YES! I can figure out some way to make this work, I got the doors too. Wait and see what I come up with .
I made this over the weekend: I saw one on another blog, oh no I can't remeber who's it was and I wanted to put it on here, becuase hers was just beautiful! Sorry I know it was an A that she used and it was on black. I am sorry if you made it. Koodos goes out to you whoever you are out in the great blogasphere. I had to make one for my craftroom.
Then last Wednesday they started tryout for the cheer squad at Elyse's school. She decided to try out. Came home that day and said to me that there were a lot of girls who were really good & she didn't think she would make the squad. She called me this morning to let me know she made the squad. Way to go DEDE!!
Then today Coco, Talmage and I went to Fry's for some shopping. I got all of this for
$57.61 with a savings of 58%. I love coupons, store sales and saving.
So I started to work on different items and as life would have it brushes weren't working, people needed picked up and other such things came up. So I am looking forward to tomorrow and getting things done. Well, off to get Dallas at school and get dinner made, FHE and a treat for tonight. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

Hooray for garage sales!!! Savannah and I used to go together and we had so much fun. I'm so excited for you about your new piece of furniture!

Leslie said...

What a great find at the yard sale! Yay!

Congrats to your daughters and their good news :) It must be hard to have two try out and only one get it but at least she's okay with it now.

Love your's very nice.

Cute photo of Talmage, as always :)

Thanks for your kind words yesterday. It's wonderful to have so many caring and thoughtful friends out there in blog land :) And we may have only met but our families have been friends for a long time. I think that's why you feel we've known each other for so long :)

Have a great day!


Erin said...

Hey I found your blog through Coco's blog. Anyways, I love the letter. I just bought some for my girl's rooms. I think I got that idea from the same blog. What a great garage sale find! how fun!