Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Boy I have been a blog slacker. Monday I didn't have much to say and didn't even get my menu posted, I did get the house decorated for Halloween , yesterday I woke up tired. I decided to take a nap and ended up waking up at 10 and then went shopping. Ended up running a couple other errands and didn't blog then. Today I am better rested, ran my errands and now I am going to work on my year menu, clean out my water barrels and fill, pick up girls from school and maybe a scrapbook page if I get to it. After the girls are home it is hard to work on crafts without them not wanting to do them too.
On Monday when I decorated I put one of those cheapy plastic door covers on the little girls bedroom door. They loved it.
Yesterday Faith and Gabby were making Halloween decorations and I wanted to share these with you.

Faith made this page using pipe cleaners or chenille stems, fuzz balls and construction paper. I think it is so sweet. I love her zombie, it reminds me of the Micheline Man. he he These girls are very crafty.

Gabby made these little bats using fuzz balls, googly eyes, and construction paper. This was her own idea to make them. Then she used purple raffia to hang them in front of their bedroom door.

Now this morning Gabby came in the den after freshly waking up. I thought she looked a little like a rooster. She is so silly.
So it took me forever to get this posted, sorry . Have a great Wednesday.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

They are creative.
And I love Gabby's hair. That's too funny!

Leslie said...

Very creative :) I love what your kiddos did!

Have a great night :)

The Dale and Kris Shields Family said...

How fun!!!!! Dale's sister came from Virginia the end of September...That is the only reason my stuff is up!!! It is great to see the girls are creative as their mom!!!