Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today as our loving Prophet Thomas S. Monson spoke to members all around the world he spoke of being thankful for our blessings. He said about some day when there is no more little finger prints on every clean surface and no more wash piling up we will miss these things. I said to my DH I will? I guess I will some day. He spoke of the gratitude we need to show and the love and compassion we feel for others. So what better way to do this is a very small way but on my blog. I am so very grateful that I do have the gospel in my life daily. This is something that has helped me to become a better person and has given me strength in troubled times. I am so thankful for the wonderful eternal companion, husband and best friend I have married. I have wonderful loving and intelligent children who love me even when I am grouchy. I am so proud of their daily accomplishments. I am thankful for my son in love who is a great husband to my oldest child and they have been given the blessing of having a little son of their own, who I love and enjoy so much. I am grateful for extended family I have as one of my best friends my youngest brother and his beautiful wife to talk to and share life with. My parents who have shared so many examples of being a good person and a hard worker. My hubbies family is so wonderful to me. My mother in love is a great lady. She is always there to share things with good or bad. She has raised 9 great children and all are active in the church raising their children and as I mentioned on a post last night just hit #72 of Great Grandchildren. I also have been blessed with so many great friends in the church and out of the church. Some of these being the beautiful ladies I have met through my blogging. I read and I am encouraged daily by all that you do and say. And the support that is given through this amazing tool the Internet. Thank you to all of you have touched my life. To my family and friends I pray for you and love you very much. I am forever grateful for the life I have had so far. I have grown so much in the past 22 years of being an active member of the church and look forward to learning and doing more with my life. I love my and I am so grateful for my big brother Jesus Christ for sacrificing for me and others. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for all the wonderful blessing, freedoms and even the challenges he gives me. This I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
I am going to strive to be more grateful and show others that I am daily.
Hugs and have a wonderful Sunday. Bobbi Jo


Melissa said...

What a beautiful post Bobbi. Thank you so much for sharing everything that you are grateful for in your life. I loved reading it and felt uplifted and want to do the same.
You are such an amazing woman with so much LOVE to give to others. Love you!

Humper's Family said...

I loved your post! I thought that talk was meant just for me, but I am glad you enjoyed it as well.

The Dale and Kris Shields Family said...

I was truely humbled and amazed from this last GC!!!!