Friday, October 3, 2008

Proud of Hubby & Politics

I am so proud of my Hubby, Alan. He is awesome at his work even though he has never done commercial construction superintending, but he has caught on fast. He has built residential since he was old enough to do grunt work for his dad, this was age 5 or so. He has been doing residential the rest of the time. So with this new job he is building shops for the new Scottsdale mall area. They are 3 story buildings, bottom is a shop, next a office and then the top a condo. He is starting his second shop now. Anyway this past week OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has been going out and checking all the different work sites for the company to see how they were doing. Yesterday at the monthly meeting DH was given a $100 gift card for Home Depot for having the safest & cleanest work site. This will be done every month and then at the end of three months they will put the names in a hat and pick a name and what do they win. A big new TV! Cool huh? Not that I am so thrilled about having a new TV but really happy for hubby who has stressed to keep on top of this new job and do the best he can. Great Job Alan!
On to politics. I know, here she goes again. My poor family hear me rant and rave about what is going on in the world of politics daily. I follow a lot of talk independent radio, read different non partial websites and try to avoid main stream media due to they are very impartial and don't check all the facts before it is out there or only take bits and pieces . I am not at all crazy with this bail out bill that is trying to be further past, I think the fat cat's need to give back the money (the higher ups who made the big bucks off of Fanny & Freddy) they know who they are. Last night watching the VP Debate was not as frustrating as the Presidential it was more comical to watch the faces& expressions of these two people and then to hear Biden say he was in support of something take a breath and then against the same thing. LOL It was FUN!! All around. I love Sarah Palin. She is a intelligent, fast thinking, down to earth, and beautiful lady. I think she did a great job in the debate and will make a great VP. As for the nay sayer's that say McCain is old and out of touch, they don't know what experience can do for a world. You look back at Ronald Regan who was an awesome president. The values that these 2 are bringing to the table are great. I don't know if my heart can take watching the coverage on election night I might have to take a Tylenol sleep aid and go to bed early to avoid the high blood pressure spouts I felt in these 2 debates I have watched so far. NOT KIDDING!
Today I finished up my Driver Safety online class and now have to find a notary to take the test. This is a thorn in my side right now! So I will get this done ASAP and get ready for the weekend.
I am so looking forward to this Conference weekend. For those of you who are not LDS in our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, every 6 months there is what is called Conference. It is usually carried on one of the TV channels. There are 2 sessions on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Time varies on where you live but this is a wonderful time to listen to great speakers speak on family values and the things we can do to be better people all around. I am not a pushy kind of gal when it comes to you have to belong to my church to be a good person. If you believe in God and try to follow his example there is no problem here.
Remember none of us are perfect we are just here on earth to learn and try. I had one of my little girls best friends say to my daughter that we weren't Christian.So I said to her," We believe and worship Christ as other Christians do so we are Christians, she looks at me and said "OH!" This is a major misconception of my faith.
If there is ever any questions about our church or about anything on my blog please don't hesitate to write and ask me. Knowledge is the best thing to have to become good friends and better people.
So this is what is up for my day. You all have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


This Country Girl said...

Bobbi Jo,

Congratulations to your hubby on doing such a great job! I know you're proud!

And I'm with you on the politics! It's a huge subject know it is when you hear your 9 year old daughter having a conversation with her 10 year old friend about it! (A quite intelligent one I might add)! I was proud of her! The sleepless nights have already started for me! How am I going to stand it until then? lol!


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