Friday, October 10, 2008

YEAH it is Friday!

I am so glad that it is Friday. I still haven't decided what my favorite day of the week is. Everyday seems to have something special that I enjoy.
So let me back up to yesterday. I had 2 Parent Teacher Conferences for my youngest 2 girls. Went to talk with Gabby's teacher first. She said that it was strange that on August 29Th Gabby(who is in 3rd grade) walked up to her and told her,"It is amazing how much work you can get done when you don't talk." Her sweet teacher said from that day forward she was more mature and has been doing very well on all her work in class. Gabby loves school and has been moved up in the highest math group in class. After this we went to see Faith's teacher. Faith(who is in 4Th grade) loves school and learning. Her teacher couldn't say enough good things about her. Faith is reading at a 5.7 grade level and is being given different material to help her move along. I am so happy to see this being done instead of stifling the children in school. I don't mean to sound arrogant or bragging about these two little girls. I am very proud of them and so happy they are learning and being their own little persons.
When we got home Coco had gotten a trial pair of pull-ups in the mail. E'lyse came in and she threw the pull-ups at her. I told her she should save them but she said she didn't want to hold on to them for the next 2 or 3 years for Talmage. She then told E'lyse she should put them on. So E'lyse being silly did. Then Coco put purple spots all over Elyse's face. We told her to go over to our neighbors house who is my good friend also and ask her if she had any kids her age to play with.
This is a long story so hang in here with me. When we first moved in we were on of the first houses completed on our street. When I saw a man and a little girl out front at the spec house (this is a house they build and finish and sell as is) next door I had to go talk to them. Finding out she was as old as Gabby I was excited. About 3 days after they moved in Gabby went over dressed in her bathing suit that had a built in tube to help a child float. This picture was taken that morning, she wanted to try and scare us so with a red marker she made chicken pox.
Gabby talks with a some what New York accent. It is really cute. She went over and rang the doorbell my friend Melanie answered the door and saw this little girl. Gabby looks up and said(Written the way it would sound) ," Do wue have a wittle girl to play wif?" Melanie was in shock and started laughing. Then the next time Gabby went over with stickers all over her face, arms, hands and legs. She has always been a character. So that is why we thought this would be funny to have E'lyse do this. Now Faith and Gabby are trying out for drama club and the play in two weeks and E'lyse is in drama at her school. There is never a day to put your guard down in this house.
In the evening Coco, Kyle and Talmage went up to Pinetop to visit till Monday. It was odd not having them here last night or this morning. Generally when I get up Kyle is getting ready to leave for the Academy as I am making Alan's lunch. Then about 5 ish or sometimes earlier Coco will come out with Talmage. He is always with a smile on his face, even when not fully awake. It will be weird today to not have Coco to chat with throughout the day.
The girls start their fall break next week. I think they are looking forward to that. But Dallas being that he goes to school in the different school district will be going back to school from his break. No big plans for this other than some organizing of the house and inventory of food storage. Maybe even a costume or two being made for Halloween.
Today I am going to work on things around the house. The girls get out early so I won't have a bunch of time to do things. Working on my menu is my main item to work on today. Wash and straightening up will be done in between for breaks from the computer.
So now it is Friday and time for date night. I got steaks on sale so we are having steaks Alan and I , Dallas & E'lyse have plans and I will make something special for the two little girls to have. Hope you all have a great day and do something fun with your honey tonight. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Humper's Family said...

Can Gabby tell Pantera about her amazing discovery? They are so funny!!!