Monday, June 27, 2011

Joining Connie And Going SCALE FREE

MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2011

I read this on Connies blog Fat to Fit Mommy! This just struck me like I was listening to my own story. So I am joining Connie in getting rid of my scale.I am tired of determining my emotional state by how much I weigh. I will not let it rule my life any longer. I too
am striving to be healthy and fit.
What better gift can I give myself on this my Birthday than
Freedome from the scale!
(This is also posted on my Health Habit blog.)

Scale Free

I ran into my friend Jolene from Healthy Discoveries at a party this weekend. Just being in her presence made me make better choices. I only had one glass of Sangria and one bite of dessert.

Jolene is working on something pretty exciting and talking to her about it really got me thinking some things.

While talking to her about being healthy...weight was never mentioned once. We talked about activity and healthy choices. We talked about motivation and the rewards of making those choices.

My life has been ruled by the scale since I was a teenager. It can make or break my day. I'm throwing out the scale!

My focus needs to be on health and not weight. Because weight doesn't tell the entire story!

And it shouldn't determine how I feel about myself.

Starting today....I will work towards making healthy choices and adding more activity to my life. I will reward myself with things other than food. I will hydrate my body with water instead of coffee and soda.

I desire to be HEALTHY and STRONG! Which means....I'm going to have tochange my twitter handle. HA!

When we pay attention to our desires, our daily energy levels increase. And embracing your desires will sustain your health! ~ Jolene Park

Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Megan said...


Connie Weiss said...

How is it going?

Bobbi Jo said...

Hey there Connie! It is going. I am not feeling like I am losing weight but I really haven't been trying to exercise lately, just eating healthier. I have been going to the Dr's. for some surgery test & prep stuff that is needed so I am dealing with this and life. Hugs, Bobbi Jo