Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost Caught Up

 Today is Saturday June 18 Th, 2011. I started almost 14 days ago with the Raw Food Life Force Energy program (Natalia Rose). I have to be honest I have not been 100% on not eating flesh (red meats) but have cut WAY WAY back. Just a couple meals in the past 2 weeks. I have quit drinking sodas and am avoiding sugar. Like I said I am not 100% on all of it but I do notice a difference in the way I am feeling. I have also gone organic on all that I can. It is a little more expensive but I think so worth it.
 I had been studying up on Raw eating for the past few months but kept going back on forth on how will I do this and feed the carnivor  family. For this reason I have not gone all out but I can say I am about 90% there. I am juicing every morning, eating fruits & veggies and enjoying the feeling. I have my juice in the morning called " The Great Eliminator", it is 1 lg. beet, 1 lg. cucumber and 10 med. carrots, and juice away and drink. It is not the most tasty thing in the world but I stay full for a good amount of time. Way more than if I were to have cold or hot cereal or an omelet.  A little crazy that this weird tasting concoction can do this for you. I do have to WARN you : If you try this and you do it for a couple of days your waste (fecal mater) will be pink or red, don't be alarmed it is the beets that does this to you. I know to TMI but you need to know these things to save you a trip to the doctors due to funny colored poo!
 I said I was having some crossroads in my life. Well I hit a depression and I am not sure why. I still love my job as a massage therapist and will continue with it. I think it all came down to not doing something else that I love and that is being the Happy Homemaker that I was before I went to school. So after much thought, prayers, crying and working things out in my head and with hubs & Coco I think I know what I am to do. So this is what I am working on.
 My desire is to get back to basics, get rid of the clutter things in my life. Not just physical things but mental things, things that waste money, waste time and energy. I want to be able to give massages with the energy and love that I had before this. I have been feeling like I have nothing left in me to give. Like all of it has been sucked out of me. My physical state has been terrible to say the least. I have been neglecting my bodies needs for good, healthy , raw, natural food that will help it to function as it needs to. I also have been neglecting feeding my family with the whole yummy foods like I use to. I am back working on all the above.
 My desire to get back to the basics include in the next couple years moving to a piece of land where I can have a garden to provide most of the veggies and fruit for my family to live on, have chickens for the eggs and goats for milk, cheese and butter.Be able to spend time outside year round with out feeling like I am trapped due to the heat of the summers here in the valley. To become self sufficient. I am tired of the trying to stay on top of everything due to the silly distractions in life. I have been studying up on a lot of this and I feel that this is what we need to do. More praying and guidance needed on exactly how this will all come about.
 Right now I am working on downsizing things to save on money and time. Example: going to a cheaper cell phone that doesn't have all the fancy gadgets, ring tones or application this will save us over $40 a month. I am getting back into making homemade items. Examples: makeup remover, reusable makeup remover pads, facial cleansers, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant (this is one I will be making and testing this July to make sure it works), soap, homemade toothpaste, dish washer soap & rinse agent, dish washing soap, laundry detergent,  all purpose cleaner,stain remover, oven cleaner, sink cleaner, creamy soft scrub, window cleaner, floor cleaner. Other things such as mixes for cooking, soups, and cooking from scratch like I use too. I miss this so much. It may seem like more work but it is a pleasure for me.
 I am getting rid of physical clutter as well. The more you have to deal with and take care the more you have to do. If I get rid of these things that take up space and I don't absolutely love them then I will have more time to do what I love and desire to do.
 I will try to keep up on my blog so I am not playing catch up again. Hope to get around to visit all the wonderful blogs I have missed reading in the near future. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Anonymous said...

I think that once you start to eliminate the things that you do not love or care for that you will be able to find more joy in your life as well as in the gospel and in our Savior.