Monday, June 20, 2011

Food & Cheese balls

I do love food
I love fresh bright red strawberry's to nibble on, put in smoothies or make a jam with

 I like pale pink Himalayan Salt that I had to buy just because it was PINK 
 No-bake cookies make for hubby (his favorite) 
 Homemade buckwheat pancakes 
 Homemade chimichangas. Beef on the left/ chicken on the right
 Perfectly perfect chocolate cake with perfectly perfect chocolate icing. So yummy and moist and chocolatey 
 Homemade sauerkraut I made last week fermenting
 Three of my girly cheese balls stuffed their cheeks with cheese balls 
Faith, E'lyse and Gabby

Yes I love food. I like the looks of the different colors, textures and smells. I love preparing a nutritious meal for my family. I love hearing the Mom that was great I am stuffed from the family. 
I love food and all it's many way to prepare and eat it.
I love that food can make us feel better if we are eating the right things for our bodies to function. Remember moderation is the key.
Tonight for dinner spaghetti squash, polska kielbasi, bread and a salad.
What are you having?
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo  


Anonymous said...

mmm looks yummy. were having tacos, quesadilla & watermelon.

Janel said...

Oh man, I have a hard time cooking in the summer when half the fam is missing.....I think it will be noodles with some spegetti sauce on it. Super Lame. Or mabye pancakes.