Friday, June 17, 2011

Catch Up Three

On Memorial Day weekend we went camping up a little past Pinetop. Coco, Kyle, Talmage and Naima decided to join us. The weekend turned out to be sooooooooo windy that we had a hard time enjoying the beauty of the area. We ended up going back to Coco's to cook dinner the second night. 
This is Naima going into the girls tent to visit.
 Coco sits with Talmage as he tries out his cool Toy Story sleeping bag. 
 Coco being a dork. Love this picture it makes me laugh
 Gabby sitting in the tent and Naima wanting me to hold her
 Naima got her way so of course I had to take a picture
 Sweet little Nie Nie and her snaggle tooth.
 Naima was having fun with her Aunts playing in Coco's tent
 Talamge chilling
 So much love for this little girl (Faith, Naima & Gabby)
 Elyse giving me the "Really Mom" look
 Alan catching up on some hunting reading
 We had a good time regardless of the wind. But we did come back from church Sunday morning to find that the girls tent had a stinky problem. One of the guide lines came loos and knocked over their potty. EWWW so gross. It was not fun to help get the tent put up to take home so Alan could clean it or toss it. It turns out he is amazing and was able to get it all cleaned out and sanitized. This was a great thing considering the tent had only been used one time prior to this.
Good stinky times at the Nichols Camp!  Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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