Friday, June 17, 2011

Catch Up Five

A month after our 24TH wedding Anniversary Alan and I found the opportune time to get away. Faith and E'lyse were going to girls camp so we asked Coco if Gabby could come stay with her.
We dropped Gabby off and went to our room at the Mountain Haven Inn in Pinetop.( I told you I love Pinetop.)

We had the Romance room. As you can see it was full of hearts and romantic things. Alan was relaxing while I went around taking pictures of our sweet little love next for the next two nights.
Another view of the room. 
Alan resting at the front of the room. 
Bathroom vanity area
I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it but you can see the top of the toilet it was pink and so was the bathtub. Did they design this room just for me or what. It was all sort of English/Victorian/ Country just the way I like it. With a lot of PINK everywhere! My poor hubs!
The front of the room. They had the swings and tables w/chairs and a hammock to rest in.
Love the touch of the pine-cones in the planter box at the window.
The room was very clean and quiet. And now the Pièce de résistance, are you ready for this? Look at these sheets. Oh I know I am weird but I fell in love with them. I wish I could find some just like them for my own bed. I think Alan thought I was nuts when I pulled down the bed and started making a fuss over them but I think they are just beautiful.
I would recommend this quaint inn to stay at and we will be coming aback again. We had a great time spending time alone, talking, driving around and did a little visiting with Coco and her family. Yes even as an older Mom I can't stay away from my children to long. I love each of them so much, probably more than they will ever know.
 We had planed on going to Alpine on Friday to go to Bear Wallow Cafe for one of the best pieces of pie in Arizona. But due to the Wallow Fire the area was evacuated and so there went our pie. Sniff sniff I still don't know if it made it through. 
I pray for the firefighters and people of the White Mountains. This has been so sad to see all the smoke and damage of the amazing area. It is one of the places where I have lived that I felt like I belonged and was at home.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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