Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My morning started off wonderful with my brother Mark calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday. It seriously made my day. I miss him and his wife Renee'.
A little later Coco called me and her sweet little babies, I miss them too. 
I had other people calling and sending me messages on FaceBook .It was so nice for people to take time to send me greetings and I appreciated them all.
What a fun Birthday I had. It was somewhat relaxing . I got to spend time with the family and do the things I like to do.
Faith made these pretty & yummy cupcakes for my Birthday.
 When it came time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles I found that I was completely out of candles. I don't think I have bought candles in several years so I forgot to check. Alan got creative and used matches.
 Pretty gift bags
 I don't care for store bought or boxed cakes so I decided I would make my own cake. It is an Amish carrot cake (minus the nuts due to Gabby can't have nuts)
 I know it isn't the prettiest but it did taste yummy if I must say so myself.
 I don't really like posting pictures of myself but heck it was my Birthday. 
Here I am opening up a new PINK phone holster. Love it!
 As you can see in this picture I am the biggest dork in the world. I have wanted a Terrible Towel for so long and I finally got one.Now I can wave my towel during the football games that I watch at home. he he (Told you I was a dork).

I also got a bottle of my favorite Opium Perfume. Hubs knows how I love to smell good.
 Dallas and E'lyse showing there super skills and having one eye straight and the other turned in WEIRD!! 
 My Terrible Towel again. I tell you I was so thrilled to get this.
Faith got this for me. It is soap that is shaped into roses. I love soaking in a bath every night so this was great. They are PINK and so pretty I don't know if I can use them. 
 This is Herriet the bear. Gabby got this for me. It is so soft and cuddly. 
So I had a wonderful Birthday. Alan and I went for a inexpensive lunch to Olive Garden (yummy soup & salad). For dinner I made homemade chimichangas. 
I wish that Coco and her family could have made it down, maybe next year.
I am so thankful for the love of my family & friends, you are all awesome! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Ann said...

Happy birthday!!!!! What a fun birthday - and GO STEELERS!!!!