Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Weekend

After recovering from a fun Birthday I woke up at 10 till 5 am. I felt good and ready for the day. Coco went with me to the neighborhood Bountiful Basket Co-op at 7:45 to get my fruit & veggies. I got to watch Talmage a good portion of the day while Coco and Kyle went out looking out houses. They seem to be getting really excited about moving down here. (I am too!). When they got home we had dinner. I made healthy homemade lasagna with garlic bread & spinach. Dallas had gone out with friends for the evening so Alan and Kyle watched a movie in Dallas’ room. Coco and I were so tired we ended up talking for a while, getting ready for bed and went to bed before 10. It felt so good!
This morning was our no alarm-clock day. YEAH! We really slept in. We have not been getting to bed early enough but getting up early still so I think we needed it. We made eggs, bacon and toast and I had left over pancakes from yesterday’s breakfast for those who wanted it. We had a restful morning. Alan had Home Teaching then came home. We went to church. Our ward is a lot of very young families with children so it is kind of noisy. Coco, Kyle, Talmage and I came home early. I got dinner prepared. Tonight we had Easy Chicken Cordon Blue, French style green beans and applesauce. For dessert I made a giant chocolate chip cookie in a pizza pan with peanut butter icing and M&M’s on it. YUMMY!! Usually we have Family Home Evening on Sunday but there is a Fireside for the youth so we are doing it tomorrow night since Dallas and E’lyse won’t be here. Coco & Kyle were going to leave today then this morning they were going to stay till tomorrow and leave. Now they have decided to stay until Tuesday morning. I am glad, I love having them here.
This week I will be working on some simplifying of our home. I want a simpler life and I have been reading on this and reading blogs that deal with this. I have felt the need for this since we have moved back to the valley. My first plan of action is to do more de-cluttering I read that everything that we have is something that has to be maintained and these all take time to do. So now the journey begins! I am also working on the menu and plans for this coming weekend. Don’t forget it is the 4th of July! Love this holiday. So for now I will go and hang with my sweet hubby.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Hammond's said...

Speaking of simplifying, I have this fabulous book about this entire subject called "Simplify: A Guide to Caring for the Soul" by Carolyn J. Rasmus. I bought it at deseret book and I love it. Check it out when you get the chance.
As for babies, lets make our due dates the same okay? You can name yours Harley and I will name mine Davidson. It will be great!