Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Can I tell you how much I love the monsoons in Arizona? This is so awesome! I was just talking to my brother Mark, who lives in Taylor and he was saying how it was 84 degrees and of course I was complaining about the heat. A little while later Dallas calls me to tell me of some dust and rain that is headed our way. My family knows I LOVE the rain it motivates me so much. So I am sitting here at my computer and all of the sudden I hear rain drops. The rain started sounding like the drops were huge. Then crackling started from the thunder. This is a picture from our front door it smells so good and fresh. What a great way for God to clean our earth. Thank you so much Heavenly Father for the fun way of doing this. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Cassie and Cameron said...

What's up? How did you find me? This blog world is amazing! I'm so glad I can keep better track of you guys now. We don't live that far apart! We're on Tomahawk and Baseline. Where are you guys? Anyway, yeah that rain last night was so awesome. It was raining SO hard.

Humper's Family said...

We are really going to move to PA. It's very crazy the way life moves at you sometimes. Last week this wasn't even a thought in my mind. Anyway, I'm glad it rained for you. I love rainy days they make me so happy!