Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stuffed Animal Meeting

Yesterday was a busy day of organizing and the pay off was big. The girls cleaned their rooms. Gabby was done with Faith and her room and helped E'lyse with hers. E'lyse took 7 hours to get her room cleaned and organized. She was suppose to pack away winter clothes 3 weeks ago and it didn't happen till yesterday. Dallas even cleaned his and got rid of clothes that no longer fit him. YEAH good job kiddos!!!
So last night I am putting Faith and Gabby to bed. They have bunk beds but very rarely sleep in their own bed. I kissed them good night and Faith says to me,"Mom, you might hear some little talking for a while. We have to have a stuffed animal meeting and so they will be talking." I asked what this meeting is for. Gabby told me it is when they get a new stuffed animal it has to be introduced to the others so they can be friends. I love their great imaginations! The big dog is the newest best friend, his name is Beethoven and the second picture is Faiths small elephants.


Coco Lucas said...

Does Humphry go to these meetings cause he is kinda big and might hog up the bed??

That made me laugh its too funny. Next time I come I will have to get them a stuffed animal just so I can listen in on their meeting!

Humper's Family said...

That is very wise...I remember my favorite new teddy bear getting jumped when I went to school because I forgot a proper meeting and introduction.