Monday, July 23, 2012

Time and New Things

 It is Monday and almost the end of July. I can hardly believe it. This first half of the year has gone by so fast. Pretty soon the kiddos will be back and school and life will get into the routine of school time. E'lyse's high school has gone to a modified year round school schedule, I Think the Jr. high school might be doing the same thing being that they start on August 8TH.  Today Faith, Gabby and I went shopping for school supplies. We came home and I got to work on the rest of my chores with a little bit of computer time.
  After being gone for 5 days it was nice to be home back in my familiar surroundings although I miss Coco and her family so much. I wish we lived up there so I could be there to help out more. Oh well.
 So we started a couple new things in our home. I didn't come up with the ideas I saw them on a You Tube vlog I follow and I presented it to the family and they agreed that they would be good with it. First thing is Meatless Mondays. Now I have been meatless for a little while now so no biggy to me but I have heard doing this can cut down the groceries a good bit.
 Tonight on the menu is Toasted cheese sandwiches, corn on the cob and fresh cantaloupe and honey due. YUMMY!
 We spend $150 a week. This includes all paper products, cleaning items, toiletries and food this is for 5 of us so not too bad. I do buy a lot of fresh produce too. What do you all spend on groceries? I am curious. I think I can go lower so now I just have to get that down. More working on this.
 The 2ND thing is sugar only on weekends and Monday night for FHE. Alan was not thrilled about this one but he said he wouldn't bring any sweets home or ask anyone make anything. Now remember Alan is diabetic so he shouldn't be eating so much sweets anyway. But the man certainly has a sweet tooth.
 Good news Alan has decided to give up soda. He was drinking 5-7 52oz. Diet Pepsi's a day. That is a lot of soda. When we were visiting Coco last week he asked if I would do him a favor? I said sure, what? He said that he wanted to get off soda but he get's terrible headaches from it so asked if I could work on his neck when the headaches come? Of course I said yes. Not only will it be healthier for him, he will feel better and save money from not stopping to buy a drink every time. So as of today he has been off  Diet Pepsi for 5 days. YEA!!
 Have a great Monday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

We really enjoyed having you up and appreciate all the help! We miss you guys and wish you lived closer.... we will keep wishing!

I like the idea of meatless mondays! And we try to stick to sugar only on the weekends. I like my date night ice cream =D
I am also impressed and proud of dad! Way to go Pop's!