Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beautiful Baby, Trip and Fun

On Wednesday morning we made our way up north to visit with Coco and her family to help out with their new baby and spend time with them. 
We went to the hospital first thing when we got up there. 
This is Miss Kylia Danielle Lucas. Isn't she just perfect? I think so! 
 This is me holding Kylia. My face is not being shown due to the redness in my eyes and nose from crying. She is just the sweetest little girl.
Aunt E'lyse holding Kylia
Aunt Faith
and Aunt Gabby.
Coco and Kylia were released in the after noon. Coco said she was glad to be home. I think she dislikes hospitals as much as I do. 
Kylia with her mommy
While there the kiddos were having a blast playing outside but Naima started coughing and having some breathing issues so she had to have a breathing treatment. She looks so cute when she holds her mask growing like a dinosaur 
Aunt Gabby holding Kylia 
On Saturday morning since Kyle was off work to help Coco out with the kiddos and we tend to wake up early we decided to go for a ride. We say a bunch of elk. These are just 2 of them that I was able to get pictures of. They are WAY back in the center of the picture.
 Elk are so beautiful
 Gabby trying to ride a skateboard.
 Her is the beautiful Mommy Coco with Kylia. We went out to enjoy the weather and watch the kiddos playing in the front yard. 
Gabby, Naima, Talmage and E'lyse playing ball. Faith found a book that just sucked her in she didn't do a lot of playing outside.
 They had so much fun
I gave Naima & Talmage brownies. Naima ate off the sprinkles then decided to turn hers into play dough. She sat there for a good half hour playing with the chocolate lump of fun
I got Talmage and Naima a coloring book with stickers. Talmage decided it would be fun to wear them on his face. He is such a silly little man.
Kylia seems to enjoying having her hand up at her face like this or on the side. She is more beautiful in person than even in these pictures. 
Naima up close , such a happy little girl
Mommy flower according to Naima
 Pretty flowers in front of the front porch. They smell good and look so pretty
This morning when I woke up the girls to get up and get ready to leave. They spent a lot of time laughing, playing, making videos and just enjoying each other. It was a beautiful sound to hear all the laughter in these three beautiful girls. 
Faith, E'lyse in front and Gabby
This was probably one of the funnest times of going up to visit in Pinetop for our girls. They got to do a lot of fun things that they wanted to. We went for walks, they played, ate and enjoyed being there. 
Hugs, Bobbi  Jo

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